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   Analysis and mapping of vehicle counting data

The analysis and mapping of vehicle counting system was developed by Intelli3 in collaboration with the Transportation Service of the City of Quebec.
This system allows for managing the manual vehicle counting dataset inventory and for producing dynamic maps of volumes per direction.
In planning mode, the application provides access to the numerous georeferenced vehicle counting files and to statistics compiled per year, month,
date, transportation mode and intersection. In operational mode, the application supports the automated production of maps showing calculated volumes of vehicles
for a given area, for a temporal interval (e.g., morning peak hour), and by inventory type (e.g., vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists).
Access the demonstration (in French only):
Vehicle counting inventory
Maps of volumes per direction

The vehicle counting files inventory allows for visualizing the location of vehicle counts, their date, the transportation mode and other relevant statistics regarding their contents and status.

Use the Counting inventory tab in the demonstration.

See the Tutorial (in French)


Maps of volumes of vehicles per direction are produced dynamically based on the  detailed intersection map, by selecting the intersections, time periods, transportation modes and count dates of interest.

Use Volume per period and AADT tabs in the demonstration.

See the Tutorial (in French)

Manual counting files available in this demonstration are up-to-date of September 2014 and cover the Arrondissement-Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge.

The definition of the indicators shown in the demonstration is explained on the Lexical page (in French).

The system is comprised of a database of vehicle counting data, validation processes, dynamic map generation processes and web interface based on Map4Web for visualization and analysis.

The demonstration of this Map4Web solution for vehicle counting data is made possible through the collaboration of the City of Quebec, as part of its Economic Development Strategy.

For more information: info@intelli3.com

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