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It is quite an adventure for us to give life to our words on a Blog. Some of you already know us through our previous works but to introduce ourselves, to interest you, to inform you and also to know you better, we wish to animate this blog addressing topics that we hope will please you. The Geospatial Information has been a subject of high interest for us for many years now, just as much as Business Intelligence that is gaining an ever-increasing place in organizations. The combination of these two spheres of activities is for us the key to organizational knowledge and via this blog, we wish to bring you to the same level of conviction we have reached, using real life examples, inspiring readings, promising technological solutions and more simply, through the sharing of our passion which has been for a long time now, Innovation.


Intelli³ is the consolidation of a team of experts that has been working together in the domain of Business Intelligence and Geospatial for over 15 years. Intelli³ offers professional services in strategic consulting and the development of geodecisional solutions. Intelli³ also offers Map4Decision, a unique software solution that provides powerful yet intuitive data exploration and data analysis functionalities using statistic diagrams, charts and maps as means to represent results. Map4Decision has been selected by and was granted an OCTAS in 2010 by the IT Action Network.

Author’s are:

Marie-Josée Proulx

Martin Nadeau

Sonia Rivest

Suzie Larrivée

Yvan Bédard

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