Dr Yvan Bédard, Great Witness at SIG-La-Lettre Conference, Marne-La-Vallée, France

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Dr Yvan Bédard, Great Witness at SIG-La-Lettre Conference, Marne-La-Vallée, France

Dr. Yvan Bédard, strategic and scientific advisor to Intelli3 and professor at Laval University, has been invited as “Grand témoin” (great observer) 2012 at the SIG-La-Lettre conference in April 2012. His conference « Access to free data, participative cartography, interoperability, web services, data mashup, spatial BI , data quality…. Are GIS becoming the a new ground for the arbitrary? Society and research challenges for the next decade » will be presented Wednesday April 4th at 2:00 PM.

We have begun and era where the GIS applications are ubiquitous and spatial data has become a utility product. Due to superb technological innovations, everyone can now have access to quality data at negligible cost, generate their own data, contribute to collaborative databases, use Web GIS to make spatial analysis, aggregate data to produce spatial BI data, and even use heterogeneous Web services to disseminate composite maps (data mashup). These new and extraordinary capabilities do not come without raising new and fascinating challenges for the geomatic community.

This conference will cover the main inherent challenges. After addressing the great technological trends since collaborative mapping, interoperable web services up to GeoBI technologies, we will discuss the inevitable results due to the multitude of information produced for very specific objectives, their good and bad sides and above all, the challenges tied to their inherent differences. In this new GIS universe, the old adage that says « every map lies », is it now making room for new Truth-or-Lies games where two lies exist for everything that is true? Is the new reality of the GIS Universe about to create a need for lie detectors? We will address new challenges that are the result of these new trends, mainly in the realm of risk management for the data producers, diffuser and users. The societal and R&D aspects of these challenges will be discussed.

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