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Dynamic Dashboard of Francophone Youth

TBJF_TubnailBtn_Demo_ENThis project helps disseminate statistical indicators on francophone youth through a dashboard accessible on the Web. The main topics covered are the geographical distribution of youth, education and labor force participation. This system collects multiple data from various sources, thus releasing a new portrait of francophone youth and the world. The dashboard allows for dynamic and interactive display of charts, graphs, maps and descriptive texts. The Observatoire démographique et statistique de l’espace francophone (ODSEF) and the Centre interuniversitaire d’études québécoises (CIEQ) worked on this project, made possible by the “Innovation Passport” of the Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation du Gouvernement du Québec.
Keywords : Youth, Francophonie, Indicator, Cartography, Decision Making, Worldwide

Web application for analyzing the academic progression of young Quebecers



educationCartoJeunes is an interactive mapping platform that allows for querying a large data warehouse containing information on the living conditions and the academic progression of young Quebecers (0-20 years old). This platform allows for representing numerous academic and social indicators on maps, tables and statistical diagrams, at various levels of geographic territories. Map4Decision, from Intelli3, has been customized to meet the needs of non-expert users. By the Summer of 2015, the CartoJeunes Pro version for advanced users will be available.

Keywords: academic progression, scolarship, indicator, cartography, decision-making, Quebec

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