Transportation of passengers and goods


Whether you are a land carrier or a marine carrier, the constant concern is the optimal use of vehicles and their maximum load. The more you carry goods, the more you reduce the cost per kilometer. You may want to monitor these key performance indicators using a specialized transportation software:




  • Turnaround time: This is the average time span between the arrival of a vehicle at the loading site and its departure.
  • % of truckload capacity utilized: This is the loaded weight compared to the theoretical maximum capacity. An under usability of 15% is an opportunity to be more efficient.
  • True vehicle utilization: This is the true utilization time of vehicles compared to the total planned utilization time.
  • Transit time: Number of days or hours from the time of departure to the time of arrival of the shipment.
  • Empty miles: Percentage of distance (or travel) without a load.
  • Average number of stops per trip: Number of stops per trip.
  • Tonnage moved: Weight of moved goods (in tons).

How are maps useful in these situations? In general, when transporting goods, we usually move them from an origin to a destination. This concept involves moving goods from a place of origin to a destination, which can both be analyzed at the micro level (specific addresses of warehouses, customers’ locations, etc.), but also at the macro level (regions, states, routes, etc.). This bigger picture can be useful to find suboptimal routes (e.g., where transit time is longer), the places where empty loads occur more frequently; the destinations where the truckloads are suboptimal, etc.

These trends can easily be illustrated on maps of destinations or on flow maps. To discover how our Map4Web transportation analysis software can help you, please check our realizations below.

Our realizations

Application for the analysis of worldwide marine transportation

marine transportation
Development of an application for the marine transportation sector, which comprises worldwide data about marine transportation of goods, for the last 7 years. The application supplies information about the origin, the destination, and the types and quantities of goods transported.

Application for planning urban transportation needs

urban transportation
Development of an application for planning urban transportation needs, based on data collected through origin-destination surveys conducted in 5 metropolitan regions of the Province of Quebec. The application allows for analyzing commuting habits via different transportation modes, as well as for comparing analysis results of the previous surveys.

Application for the analysis of cross-border and international commerce

international commerce
Development of a geo-analytical application for the analysis of international and interprovincial cross-border commerce and customs datasets in order to support the planning, at a national level, of integrated multimodal transportation and the development of strategies to meet the challenges and issues in transportation.

Application for the analysis of trucking survey data

Development of a specific geo-analytical application for the analysis of intercity trucking survey data, at the Canadian scale, between 1999 and 2006. The application supplies information on trucking routes, their origin and destination, the weight and the truck configuration, as well as the type of load (categories of goods, weight, volume).

Application for the analysis of marine flows of passengers and goods in Europe

transportation of goods
Development of a spatial decision-support solution for analyzing the flow of passengers and goods in Europe in order to conduct complex analyses of ship mouvements between the main shipping ports, and easily determine the high-stake routes (people and goods) and marine areas potentially at risk. In collaboration with the Research Center on Risk and Crisis (CRC), Mines Paristech (Sophia Antipolis) and the Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENav).

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