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Analysis of traffic data system


The Automated mapping and analysis of traffic data system allows, in planning mode, access to the numerous georeferenced vehicle counting files and to statistics compiled per year, month, day of week, road segment, and intersection. In operational mode, the application allows for the automated production of maps showing calculated volumes of vehicles for a given area (e.g., a selection of road segments), for a temporal interval (e.g., morning peak hour), and by type of count (e.g., vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists), etc.

To quickly and easily fulfill requests, transportation analysts need a system supporting the automated mapping and analysis of vehicle counting data at intersections. The system is comprised of a database of vehicle counting data, intersection templates that are mapped automatically, and an analysis interface based on Map4TraFX.

Logo_Ville_QuebecThis demonstration was made possible by the Technology Showcase Program of Economic Development Strategy.

Keywords: vehicle counting, traffic, intersection, cartography, decision-making, city

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