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Intelli3 is solicited by public organizations for the realisation of feasibility studies, technology watches, and the preparation and presentation of webinars on various subjects. Here are the lastest subjects studied.

Our realizations

Geospatial data quality and risk management (2015)

Project in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada’s GeoConnections program for the writing of a Guide and presentation of webinars (French and English) on geospatial data quality. The research and webinars inform on the importance of geospatial data quality, the concepts underlying geospatial data quality, the bases of geospatial data quality evaluation and risk management in practice (based on ISO-19157 and ISO-31000), and give recommendations in the business to business, business to consumer, and consumer to consumer contexts.

Keywords: geospatial information, data quality, risk management, standards, Canada

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  • Follows these links to listen to the webinars in French or in English.

Big Data and its impacts on geomatics (2014)


Webinars in collaboration with GeoConnections (Natural Resources Canada) on Big Data and its impacts on geomatics.  During these 90 minute webinars, we present the Big Data phenomenon, its main concepts and technological ecosystem. We also give some examples, describe the main challenges and introduce the mutual influence between this concept and geomatics. We highlight the importance of Big geospatial Data.

Keywords: geospatial information, Big Data, mega data, geomatics, Canada

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Auditing of a clinical data warehouse in the healthcare sector (2013)


Audit conducted on a clinical data warehouse in the healthcare sector with regards to existing processes, data quality, data governance, and other data administration aspects. The contribution of the geographic component is new to the organization, our services were retained to evaluate the actual warehouse’s capacity to support new business needs.

Keywords: geospatial information, data warehouse, clinical data, cartography

Comparative analysis of Cognos BI 10 and Oracle 11g BIEE geospatial capabilities (2013)

Comparative analysis of Cognos BI 10 and Oracle 11g OBIEE geospatial capabilities in the context of our client’s software architecture, existing data and actual and future information needs. Definition of evaluation metrics detailing the geospatial capabilities of both solutions in order to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions in regards to the desired usage context.

Evaluation of DMTI and NAVTEQ datasets (2012)

Detailed evaluation of DMTI and NAVTEQ datasets quality levels with regards to our client’s foreseen application requirements. Two datasets, along with their updates, were evaluated using the following criteria: the completeness level, the logical consistency, the spatial precision, the temporal precision, and the thematic precision.

Demonstration of feasibility and usefulness of decisional geomatics (Spatial BI) for evaluating government sponsoring and financing programs. (2011-2012)

Feasibility and usefulness analysis of decisional geomatics for program evaluation. Exhaustive inventory of geospatial data allowing for building a repository of relevant indicators. These indicators were implemented to evaluate specific domains, for example: quality of drinking water and raw sewage water, socio-economic context, sustainable development, road accidents, etc.

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