INTELLI3 partners with the City of Québec to develop an innovative technology for the analysis of vehicle counting data at street intersections

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INTELLI3 partners with the City of Québec to develop an innovative technology for the analysis of vehicle counting data at street intersections

Quebec, November 23rd, 2015 – Today the City of Québec announces 206 250$ of financial support for INTELLI3. The opportunity to develop new, innovative practices, based on a powerful and integrated solution in line with the intelligent transportation systems vision, was made possible by the Technology Showcase Program of the City of Québec’s Economic Development Strategy.

INTELLI3 is currently conducting a two-year demonstration project that aims to showcase the use of its Map4 technology. Along with the city’s Transportation Service, INTELLI3 is developing a solution that integrates vehicle counting data in order to support the cartographic visualization of the counting inventory and the online analysis of volumes of vehicles in transit per direction. This solution will be in operation in January 2016 for the Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge borough.

In planning mode, the application provides access to the numerous georeferenced vehicle counting files and to statistics compiled per year, month, day of week, road segment, and intersection. A list of the most recent counts for each area is produced in order to present the available inventory to transportation analysts. In operational mode, the application allows for the automated production of maps showing calculated volumes of vehicles for a given area (e.g., a selection of road segments), for a temporal interval (e.g., morning peak hour), and by type of count (e.g., vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists), etc.

According to Marie-Josée Proulx, President of INTELLI3, “The collaboration with the City of Québec, in the context of a technology showcase, gives us access to experts who validate, during the course of the project, the needs, expectations, and capabilities that the solution should address. It is an enormous benefit in terms of time and efforts for a company that is striving to commercialize a unique and innovative solution.” Thanks to the integration and to the process automation that the solution provides, the City of Québec’s Transportation Service will have greatly improved knowledge of the inventory of vehicle counting datasets for transportation planning, and will benefit from important time savings during the production of vehicle volumes maps.

INTELLI3 is a company offering consulting and geomatics application development services geared towards decision-support. INTELLI3 has developed a multitude of applications in the transportation and infrastructure fields, in particular with Transport Quebec, the Port of Montreal, and the City of Shawinigan. For info:

About the City of Québec’s Technology Showcase Program
The Technology Showcase Program aims at establishing and reinforcing partnerships between the city and innovative companies and research centers by allowing them to test their innovative products or processes in real-world situations related to the city’s operations.

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