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Intelli3 specializes in the field of geospatial BI, offering strategic advice, consulting, and tailored software development

Our mission is to improve the productivity of our client’s data analysts and business people, while lowering the level of uncertainty of analysis results through quick to deploy and easy to use solutions involving on-demand map production. Our services and solutions increase the organizational data analysis potential while protecting our clients’ past investments in data acquisition and technologies.

Internationally renowned cutting-edge expertise

Intelli³ gives its clients access to a team of seasoned professionals that has more than 20 years of experience in the field of geomatics and that has worked together in the field of spatial BI systems since 1996. The team’s work at the Center for Research in Geomatics of Université Laval is renowned on the international scene.

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Martin Nadeau

(Chief Technology Officer)

Dr Yvan Bédard

(Scientific Advisor)

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