Map4Decision / Map4Web Solutions

View, explore and decide!

By integrating business intelligence and geospatial, Map4 solutions help you to better see and analyze your data using intelligent cartography.

Map4Decision and Map4Web allow you to:

  • explore aggregated views of information;
  • interactively drill-down to more detailed views (e.g., province, region, city);
  • dynamically intersect various themes of interest (e.g., time and territory);
  • instantaneously get statistical charts, diagrams and thematic maps;
  • automatically create maps conforming to the rules of visual communication and semiology (colors, symbols, patterns, etc.);
  • navigate from one visualization type to another (e.g., statistical charts to multimaps).

Everything is done with unequaled rapidity (few seconds) and easiness (few mouse clicks). No need to be an expert in mapping!

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