GeoBI competitive advantages

Competitive advantages

Display your data in various formatsAccess your data quickly and easilyExplore your data Facilitate your transportation-related analyses

Display your data in various formats

Map4Decision/Map4Web produce maps, tables and charts on-the-fly, directly from the datacubes. Your data may be presented using a variety of advanced maps allowing for spatial, temporal and thematic analyses and comparisons:

  • Temporal multimaps
  • Statistical maps
  • Multivariate maps
  • Maps with superimposed diagrams

Access your data quickly and easily

With Map4Decision, you can create your maps, tables and charts without having to rely on a GIS specialist.

No query language is required, the data navigation and the creation of displays are done using only the mouse.

The use of predefined symbologies ensures the semiologic coherence of analyses.

Explore your data with unique capabilities

Map4Decision/Map4Web offer unique capabilities that support:

  • Drills on polygons, lines and points
  • Drills from one geometric type to another (point, line, polygon)
  • Several spatial dimensions in the same datacube
  • Alternate hierarchies (spatial, descriptive and temporal)

Facilitate your transportation-related analyses

Map4Decision/Map4Web include capabilities that are uniquely adapted to support analyses in the transportation industry:

  • Origin-destination maps
  • Flow maps
  • Origin-destination matrices

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