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Daily operational needs keep workers in the heat of the action and require them to make décisions quickly. This explains why most people are looking for a means to obtain, easily and rapidly, the required strategic information in order to do their job more efficiently.

Is the Excel report that the administrative assistant updates every week, and which takes more than two person-days to produce, the most efficient way to share data within my organization ?

Yes– Because it contains the required information
Yes– Because the information can be shared

No– Because the time required to build and update these spreadsheets is a waste of time!
No– Because manual operations can be error-prone!
No– Because you want your resources to work on value-added tasks!

We can’t see the forest for the trees… Being too involved in technical tasks impedes the development of a vision and the improvement of business processes.

Intelli3 proposes the following approach and solutions :

Maximize your productivityReduce delays in the production of your reportsRapidly obtain a ROIUpdate your data simply and effectively

Maximize your productivity

Map4Decision/Map4Web allow for the interactive exploration of data at various levels of detail (from countries to provinces, to cities, to zones, for example, or from years, to months, to days) without complex manipulations. You can produce your own maps, tables and diagrams without the help of an expert.

This would allow you to spend your time analyzing and deciding rather than waiting for an intermediary to process the data and share it.

Reduce delays in the production of your reports

Map4Decision/Map4Web produce online aggregated, synthesis, and trend indicators directly from your operational data. This considerably reduces the time required to produce reports, maps and statistical tables.

This ensures that your data is validated and standardized throughout your organization.

This also ensures that your data will be used correctly and efficiently.

Rapidly obtain a ROI

Map4Decision/Map4Web can be implemented without any programming effort. You just have to define the data input template with our team of analysts, and the loading, computing, and validation processes will be put in place. Your resources will be able to concentrate on understanding the business-related problems and making the appropriate decisions.

Alternatives on the market require more implementation and programming efforts in order to integrate components (multidimensional and cartographic) and a longer knowledge transfer process for system administrators. Our expertise led us to develop high-performing processes and tools adapted to your type of business.

Update your data simply and effectively

Because Map4Decision/Map4Web produce all the displays “on-the-fly“, i.e. directly from operational data, data updates are automatically reflected in the maps, tables or charts you create through the application.

The Intelli³ team can automate the extraction, the transformation and the loading of data when developing applications, so that new data can be easily added when updates are required.

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