Map4Web- Available in SaaS!

Map4Web11_corrVisualize your sample or study data on-line and produce a variety of visual representations (e.g., maps, multimaps, animated maps, line graphs, bar graphs, tables). Using an Excel import template, structure your indicators to configure an application available on a hosted server (SaaS). Choose among pre-built geospatial and temporal dimensions to deploy your application in a minute.

No limit on the number of maps, tables or charts!




1 Software as a Service (SaaS) solution
500 MB of disk space

1  user
1 import template
1 FTP site to send data/pictures/reports
1 full access for a minimum period of 3 months

+ 949$ for the initial installation and
deployment of your application 



1 Software as a Servce (SaaS) solution
More disk space
More users
1 full access for a minimum period of 1 year

Customization fees applied for the initial installation and deployment of your application

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