A geospatial BI application for the analysis of passenger transportation

Origin-destination surveys are conducted to enhance knowledge of the demand for passenger transportation. Such studies, coupled with spatial data, have a significant analytical potential that should be exploited for transportation planning. These types of analyses, when conducted using an efficient and easy-to-use application, provide essential information to clients.

Map4Decision offers functionalities that are specific to origin-destination studies. Among other things, it supports the dynamic creation of flow maps. The user can easily create a map of destinations for a given origin, or vice-versa. Also, the user can click directly on these flows on the map to obtain the corresponding sub-region flows, and thus access a detailed level of information.


Origin-destination study- Montreal (2013)

Transport Québec, responsible for these surveys, chose Intelli3’s geodecision analysis application to publish the origin-destination surveys of Montréal (2013), Sherbrooke (2012), Québec (2011), Outaouais (2011) and Trois- Rivières (2011) and the three comparable surveys in each of the regions.

map4od_final_hAt the end of November 2016, the Transport Québec team will present this tool to its various partners. This application, named Map4OD, makes it easy to produce maps, origin-destination matrix and different diagrams. It is possible to answer questions such as:

  • What is the number of trips from the Quebec urban area to downtown, for employment purposes?
  • What are the most popular transportation modes used to go downtown, for leisure activities?
  • What is the variation in the number of trips during peak periods (morning and afternoon), for each destination.


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