Structure your geospatial data


“You are faced with large volumes of data ?”

“These data are ineffective in their current format ?”


Let the Intelli3 team convert your data into location intelligence! We will conduct a data inventory to assess the important information and the interactions between the relevant data.

All major companies now recognize the benefits of relying on data experts who can help them take a proactive and sustainable approach to information management.

Intelli3 can help you design and develop innovative applications that combine mapping and business intelligence in order to analyze and fully exploit your organization’s spatial and descriptive data.

Turn key solutions or customized support services

Our professionals can take care of the whole application development project, from the needs evaluation phase, to the implementation of the solution in your organization.

We can also offer support services, whether you are an end-user or a consulting firm, in order to guide you or to support you in one or more development phases so you can obtain a faster return on your investment.

We can help in the following tasks:

Your dataYour systemsYour technical and strategic orientations

Your data

  • Add the business intelligence component to your geographic data (syntheses, trends, comparisons, forecasts, …)
  • Map your business intelligence data (global views, regional trends, proximity, unforeseen spatial clusters, …)
  • Evaluate the quality of your data against your business needs
  • Review the design of your databases (compliant with standards, new technologies, new responsibilities, …)

Your systems

  • Reduce the impacts of system heterogeneity (semantic, cartographic, and technical interoperability solutions)
  • Extract the strategic information from large volumes of data (efficiency and rapidity)
  • Manage the risks of data misuse (to protect your users and yourself)
  • Facilitate and accelerate the management of ad hoc requests (queries, reports, statistical maps, …)
  • Propose upgrade strategies (comparative studies, implementation or migration studies, …)
  • Develop tailored solutions or integrate new technologies

Your technical and strategic orientations

  • Contribute to develop a vision (mid to long-term)
  • Help to pinpoint needs and opportunities
  • Conduct technology watch activities adapted to your needs

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