Visualize and publish your geospatial data


” You are forced, daily, to analyze information using large Excel files ?”

“You lose time repeating the same analyses and to disseminate them to your team day after day ?”

“Why constrain yourself to simple spreadsheets or preformatted reports ?”

The analysis and publication of data is an important issue. The choice of the appropriate visualization tool is critical. It is utopian to think that a simple viewer will create magic answers to your questions.

Steps prior to visualization, such as cleaning and structuring, will ensure quality output information on which to base your decisions.

You will need to look for clues in your data in order to understand trends, highlight overruns, quantify the results, etc.

Map4Web11_corrMap4Web will offer yourself the analytical freedom to dive into your data …

Let the Intelli3 team propose you its portfolio of geospatial analysis tools!

Since each new visualization is likely to bring you additional information about your data, open the door to the dynamic mapping and to multitude of statistical diagrams.

The ease of use and fast speed of our solutions will enable you to produce stunning visualizations with only a few clicks. You will have more time to spend on high added value tasks!

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